Assumption Vs Reality

As Per Cambridge Dictionary “Free Hand” means “the right or authority to do anything you consider necessary”

Example 1:

Imagine your boss comes to your desk and designate you for some ‘xyz’ task and tells you that “I am is giving you free hand” to finish this job. What does that mean?

People around you may jealous of you, Assuming that you have a free will to do the job. It sounds like you’re your own boss to take any decision in order to accomplish. This is an Assumption of your colleagues.

In Reality, You’re boss don’t have any idea about the job or least interest in any kind of participation in that perticular task and he is willing to run away from you without any discussion or providing his views or guidance. He has smartly passed the ball in your court to hide his insufficiency or unwilling, expecting you to give him some results so he can simply take the credit by giving you little amendments in his bossy style at the end.

Example 2:

Imagine you are the boss and you want everything in the way you’ve planed. One Day your team member comes and ask you to give him “Free Hand”. What does that mean? You may Assume that he is willing to take responsibility since you’ve already trained him well.

In Reality, Your team member is trying to tell you that your Micromanagement is a vexatious behavior for him and he is willing to finish the job peacefully, the way he wants.

In both of the cases, the phrase “Free Hand” goes against the one who is sitting on higher chair.

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