‘Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport’ and the more you travel, the more you start becoming a storyteller. This time I was visiting the most unpopular island in the world, called Zumba Zumba Land…

I have never seen so perfect place like this in every aspect having beautiful people… their dressing… their cars… buildings and roads… the entire island was kind of Elysium for me at first sight. Everything was so perfect and advanced compared to the country I blog and the countries I’ve visited before, but there was some anxiety in my mind for imminent danger. Off course, I’m not a paranoid but that moment my ‘Chimp Brain’ has got super active.

Then I found an unusual thing there. They were having many big screens in every crowed area of the city. Those screens were installed by the authority of Zumba Zumba Land to run the 2 minute daily ‘Hate Show’ which they broadcast at their busiest time slot of the day, for some targeted locations as per their plan and schedule. The agenda of ‘The Hate Show’ was to purify their country from ‘illegitimate people’. Nobody clearly understands the idea behind this phrase “Purification from illegitimate people” but they used to follow ‘The Hate Show’ blindly as it is their part of faith and they start reacting on it, the way they’ve been told to react on it.

It was the morning time and everyone was rushing to reach their office on time and then ‘The Hate Show’ started with noisy alarms on the streets. It was obligatory for everyone in Zumba Zumba Land that they have to stop to watch the complete hate show of 2 minutes every time when they play it on big screens; it was some kind of ‘Nationalism’ for them. Most of the time they target to kill somebody on the basis of their appearance, dogma, fashion, viewpoints, food preferences or for their favorite movies, songs, and books. Basically, they used to believe that anything which their President doesn’t like, should be illegal even if it is about a chocolate ice cream which has a strawberry on top of it.

This time ‘The Hate Show’ was about the people who are reading Harry Potter in their country. The anchor on the screen was screaming like a mad man is sitting on burning coal. He started hate-mongering against Harry Potter’s readers and he was trying to explain to viewers the harm of the book and its effects on the next generation’s rational thinking and creativity. At the end of the show, he said that the government has decided to declare the book illegal for every citizen of the country as it can be dangerous for our country’s next generation as well as national security. People got disturbed in a few seconds when the anchor declared it ‘against National Security’. I was completely clueless to understand the connection between Harry Potter and National Security.

I saw a mob came from the crowd to attack a little girl who was holding a Harry Potter book in her hand. It was weird to see those angry stupid people in a mob reacting on a foolish announcement. Within a fraction of a second, they’ve started beating that little girl, it was a shocking experience for me to be there. The mob was hitting her on her legs and arms. This was absolutely abnormal and inhuman. The whole idea of believing these people are perfect starts fading. How can anyone hit a little girl like this for some stupid, baseless announcement which has absolutely no sense? We should respect each other’s choice but against that mob, before I could do something, they killed her.

After a couple of minutes of her death, everything became normal and people walked away from that place to their work as nothing happened there. Then a force of dickless tracy came to collect the dead body of that little girl but they had no enough powers to take any action against those murderers or maybe they’ve assumed that it has been done by the government’s order. Now their duty was to send the book for verification to “The Ministry of Rationality & Purification”

I was asking myself “What is the harm for the society if someone is only reading a storybook?” If the government is really serious about cultivating rational minds then it should teach the next generation to “Question Everything”, simple… if they want their country to be strong against any possible threat then they should stop corruption first. Although they wanted to “Purify”(as they say) their country from stupid (as they claim) book readers this time. By the way, people should have enough freedom of choice to read any book what they want but Zumba Zumba Land is a different case…

So Basically, It is not the infrastructure, advancement of technologies or development which makes you civilized nation. If you are lacking the idea of tolerance, humanity, and acceptance then you’re no different from the animals.

I woke up from the dream, It was eight o’clock in the morning and I found me on my bed, Thank God we don’t have any country like Zumba Zumba Land in the world.