Build Peak Performers

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High-performance organizations are those in which people feel terrific about themselves and are happy in their relationships with their superiors. People who are happy in their work, and who feel good about themselves, produce far more and better work than those who are not. The foundation of peak performance is high self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as “how much you like yourself.” The more a person likes and respects himself, the better he performs, the better he works with other people, and the more confidence and competence he has.

Unlock Individual’s Potential

Psychologists have identified seven key managerial behaviors or conditions that you can create to motivate the people under your control, in turn raising their self-esteem and increasing their performance.

Challenge Them

You must give people jobs that are beyond their capabilities so that they have to stretch, in terms of their time investment, and effort, to get the job done well. It is only when people are stretching to improve themselves and how they do their work that they feel fully alive, and that they feel like winners.

Give Them Freedom

People enjoy having a maximum of freedom to do their jobs. Practice giving each individual as much freedom as possible to achieve an agreed-on goal. The key to giving people this freedom revolves around your skills in using management by objectives and management by exception, and your ability to delegate well.

Give Them Respect

People have a great need to be respected by other people whose opinions they value, especially their bosses. Employees need to be able to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns to their boss—and they need to feel that the boss genuinely respects their ideas, whether or not the boss accepts or agrees with them. The more your employees feel that you respect them, the more they respect you and want to do a good job for you.

Friendship Factor

You convey warmth to your staff members when you talk to them and ask them questions about nonwork-related issues, such as sports and hobbies. You can ask them about their families, their personal lives and activities, their children, and so on. Whenever you express a genuine interest in these subjects, you convey that you care about the other person as a human being, rather than simply as an employee in your company.

Keep in Touch

Ask if there is any way that you can help or if there are any resources that you can provide to help the person do the job. This gesture lets the employee know that you consider the task to be important and that you are concerned about both the task and the person performing it.

Let Them Win

Whenever you assign a job that your employees can do well, and when they complete the task, they have a successful experience and feel like winners. Everything that you can do or say that causes your employees to feel like winners raise their self-esteem, improves their overall performance, and increases the value of their contribution to the organization.

Expect The Best

When you express confidence in your staff members, they will usually do everything possible to show you that you are right. Continually convey to the staff members that you believe in their ability to do an excellent job.

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Summarised from the book “Management” by Brian Tracy
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