In the world of digital marketing, SEO is always an interesting subject to discuss. People follow many SEO techniques to boost the visibility and ranking of the website, in which some work and some techniques do not. It is found that to enhance the visibility and ranking of the website people adopt unethical SEO practice, which is not accepted by the search engines and resultant they penalize your website. If you are in the profession of digital marketing then you should be aware of black hat, white hat, and Grey hat SEO. We will dig deeper in the following section.

White Hat SEO

As from the name it is getting very clear that it is a safe and recommended SEO technique that is followed by genuine SEO professionals and accepted by the search engines. In this process, SEO professionals follow the appropriate trend, parameters, and techniques to enhance the visibility and ranking of the website, which is accepted by all the search engines.

Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO becomes black hat when we adopt unethical SEO techniques to boost ranking and the visibility of the website, which is not accepted by the search engine. It is risky and not used by genuine SEO professionals.

Grey Hat SEO

The standard definition of Grey hat SEO is still not clear, wandering between black hat and white hat. Grey hat SEO is ethically dubious and riskier than white hat techniques, which could become a black hat one day. It does not mean that it is unethical and not adopted by SEO professionals. Grey hat techniques are legitimate, and it is frequently used to boost ranking and visibility of the website.

White Hat Techniques

When it comes to white hat SEO techniques, plenty of ideas strike the mind. You read numerous blogs and articles, but it is also true that all ideas do not guarantee success. So, to ensure the good performance of the website on the search engine result page, make sure that your optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics focus on users, not on a search engine.

You must consider numerous factors such as:

The Quality of Content

Whether it is text, image, video, or infographic make sure that your content is new and informative. Instead of publishing poor content every day, emphasize creating quality content and publish it at regular intervals. Google reward such site that has high-quality content. Great content not only makes a website “a good website” but also ensures a good ranking on leading search engines.

The Architecture of the Website

In this tough online competition, the architecture of the website plays a crucial role. The right site architecture helps your SEO efforts flourish and while the wrong one can cripple them.

For example:

Mobile friendly – If your site is not responsive then somewhere you are missing a maximum number of audiences because now more than 40% of people are browsing the internet on smartphones and tablets. Google also rewards the site which is mobile friendly.

The speed of the website – Website that loads quickly, gets a ranking advantage over the slower site.

URL description – Keep the length of the URL up to 255 characters and use a hyphen to separate the different parts.

Site security – Sites running with HTTPS servers are more liked by visitors. It ensures better security.

UX design – To provide optimum user experience to visitors it is necessary to focus on user-friendly design. A user-friendly design ensures customer satisfaction and improves loyalty.

Black Hat SEO Techniques You Must Avoid

To boost the ranking of the website in a short frame of time, people often do too many experiments in SEO and resultant white hat SEO becomes a black hat. The biggest disadvantage of such a technique is that it does not work for a long time and neither accepted by search engines nor followed by SEO professionals. Even search engines blacklist such websites, which use such scam techniques to promote their website. Here, are some black hat SEO techniques, which are currently in trend.

Cloaking – Cloaking is the technique of search engine optimization, in which people create two versions of an original web page one for search engines and another for visitors. When search engine spiders crawl the site, he completes the process, but visitors see the different content on their browser.

Keyword stuffing – To confuse search engine boat people often insert too many keywords on the web page, this process is known as keyword stuffing. This is not an ethical SEO technique. The density of a keyword should not exceed 2-3% on the web page.

Doorway pages – Doorway pages are poor quality web pages, on which you will find insufficient content which is stuffed with keywords.

Mirror website – In this process, people create too many websites with the same content. Paid links – The practice of purchasing links on the website, solely for the increase in link popularity and ranking.

Hidden text – It is the textual content that your visitors cannot see but which is still readable by the search engines.

Scraping – It is a spam technique in which a spammer plagiarizes content from other websites and uses the same on his site to sell advertising.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is a type of experiment which you can follow to promote your website on the search engine result page. It is risky, but it can improve the ranking of your site without negative consequences. Here we are listing some Grey hat SEO techniques which you can follow to increase the visibility and ranking of your website. Redesign your website at regular intervals – By redesigning your website at regular intervals, you can play a game with a search engine. No matter whether your content is new or old, if you are redesigning your website, then code and text will change and Google will consider the content on your website to be new.

Spun content – Copy content from another website change some words add few extra ideas in the content. In this way, you can trick the search engine. It works, try it.

Wikipedia page – By creating a Wikipedia page of your company you can establish yourself as a reputed and trustworthy name. While creating a Wikipedia page you have to consider the following points in mind.

Select good and notable topic

  • Keep the Wikipedia page simple and relevant.
  • Don’t promote your website
  • Add a good and relevant link to the page.
  • Follow the style and formatting guidelines.

Create more than one social media account –

Nowadays social media is a powerful tool to promote business. To leverage the power of this platform, it is advisable to create a multi-social account for your business. You just need to add bio and pictures and start promoting these accounts.

In Conclusion, We have no doubt to say that the white hat is the safest and reliable, the Grey hat is risky but worthwhile, and the black hat is not acceptable under all circumstances. In brief, SEO is the game of patience, strategy, and techniques.