The Unicorn: A Hardworking HR Manager

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You’re HR Manager but have you ever thought that the person sitting on the other side of the table whom you’re interviewing is evaluating you?

Who cares? Right?

“After all, you’re the one who has the power to select or reject the candidate Not them and they are just job seekers meeting tens of HR managers every week to prove themselves” So if this is your excuse then you’re not going to learn anything new for your carrier growth.

On the Other side, People have built the perception that HR managers don’t work hard for the interviews, they just post jobs from some ready-made templates and then forward the CVs to the superiors by selecting through ATS software. But in reality, it’s not the same in every case.

In my last company, I’ve been into creating Job Descriptions for HR since I’ve been into a technical professional which is pretty complicated for a regular HR professional to understand but on the other hand, I’ve been a job seeker too. So I’ve been aware of both sides of the table.

Common Interview Pattern

Normally when you go for an interview you bring a copy of your same CV the one you’ve already sent, and before they call you in their cabin for face to face round of interview you have to fill a form with the same information which is already written there in your CV. If you’re in a creative job, You bring all your artwork’s soft copy & hard copy even if you’ve got a portfolio website or Behance account which is already shared in your job application.  And most of the HR Managers do the proper research about you before calling you and It is very common behavior of almost every HR manager so normally a jobseeker is used to it.

Well, one of my experiences was quite different, a few days back.

I’ve got a call from a company and there was a lady on the other side on phone, and after few questions, she had made me realized that I’m talking to someone who’s already done enough research about me from google search results, social media profiles & my blogs, & my 6 pages long CV line by line and point by point. That was Impressive!…. Then she called me for the face-to-face interview. So I went for the interview as I normally go, with a copy of my CV,  hard copies and soft copies of my artworks, with a fully charged laptop for the presentation in case it’s needed and a pen to fill the ‘form’. But things were different this time…

Ea Venit, Ea Vidit, Ea Vicit.

The HR manager was waiting for me there already and I was 3 min late as compared to the given time.

There was no form for me to fill before going for the interview.

She was holding the copy of my cv in her hand… Ditto, as I was assuming on a phone call “Highlighted” Line by line, point by point.

There was no need to show them my work as they’ve already seen and discussed everything before calling me for the interview as I’ve realized during the talk.

So the rest of the interview was almost the same as previous interviews; about me, my work, and my experiences, and some traditional questions as other job interviews like weakness, strength, salary expectation Bla Bla Bla…

But there were two new things…

First, She was much more prepared for the interview than I, and Second, she broke the perception that HR managers don’t work hard for the interviews.

I don’t know much about the company but she must be an asset to the company.

That’s It… This was just one of my positive experiences.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing & Stay Positive…

Have a Nice Day…